Zend Framework

Galaxy web is extending their art and spirit of PHP. Galaxy web is using Zend Framework to streamline the sources that are integrated to run networks through the web.

Zend Framework is focused on building secure and reliable modules as well as web 2.0 applications.

We utilize widely available API's from leading vendors like Google and Amazon,Yahoo,and Flickr.

Galaxy Web Technology implemented Zend Framework to increase functionality and productivity. The latest web 2.0 features are corporate friendly and are agile with well-tested codes that your enterprise can depend on.

Galaxy Web Technology designed Zend Framework with simplicity in mind. We provide a light weight,loosely coupled component library simplified to provide most of the functionality people need. The other 20% of the website is customized to meet your business needs.

By focusing on functionality we returned the spirit of PHP programming and dramatically lowered the learning curve and your training costs. Developers can get up to speed quickly.

Galaxy web Technology development features:

  • AJAX support through JSON-meet the ease of use requirements your users will come to expect
  • Syndication-the date formats and easy access to them

High quality, object-oriented PHP 5 class library-attention to design, patterns, unit testing and loose-coupling web services. Zend Framework aims to be the premier place to consume and publish web services.

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