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Have you ever noticed the change of web content per user in any of the websites? Changes that are individual specific or search specific? It happens in most of the site these days which has a memory of what has been searched by us in our past and gives the page as per our interest. There are websites which has the same content for all, with no change which is also very important as they are the same for all users. Why does that change in sites, what makes it more specific in some and another to be general? It all depends on the site one is keeping a watch on.

The static website design company are very specific with the content they add to the website. They make it a point to keep the content similar and as it is for all the users. This helps in many ways. The website owner will have one kind of content all the time and will not have much confusion about what the content is getting changed into. The company will be having 2 kinds of data to be added to website. Based on the customer request, they will either make it static with all the data added as it is with not much changes and making it a static web page and keeping it the same for a long time. In such cases, the content will be delivered exactly as it is stored in the user data whereas there are sites where the content is modified as per the web page by web applications.

Static website design company will be having more advantages over the dynamic ones as these companies help the customer to get a better site with less cost. As there is not web application involved in such website, it reduces the cost of web application developer. Also compared to the other form of website, it is always important to know that the static website uses the stored data and it is important to have the data correctly without any glitch while getting uploaded. Static website design company will plan the page in such a way that no data gets deleted.

Since most of the static websites are onetime activity, it is low maintenance site and will not cost much. While the static website design company also charges, with all these features the cost will always be much lesser than dynamic web pages. Any customer who wants to get a website for their business should think about how to make it work by carefully choosing between whether to make it static or dynamic page.

Advantages of Galaxy web's Static Website Design:

  • Simple to create and host
  • Easy navigation for search engines
  • Quick to download images, brochures even on lower bandwidths
  • Less cost when compared with dynamic website design
  • The request is made by the visitor of the website
  • Browser reads the HTML and displays the web page
  • Can change the layout of web page when desired
  • The server locates the file requested
  • Direct control over content
  • Browser reads the HTML and displays the web page
  • Each and every page of the website is editable but the certain knowledge is required

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