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We are the cheapest Web development software company in Delhi, India. We are developing web applications in various industry segments like Health, Education, Retail, accounting etc. We have already designed and developed web based softwares like clinic management, CRM for education, Insurance, LMS for education Institutions, Inventory& billing and so on.

We provide our clients custom web based software development services for the maximum potential from the pleasant in magnificence assets, processes and technology. Our team are used technologies like HTML, DHTML, PHP, VB, ASP, JSP and backend like MS Access, MS SQL and MySQL. GalaxyWeb aides purchasers in fast time to promote, scale back operational value and empowers them to target their core business activities. Galaxy Web follows a number of the foremost well planned and well-tried development processes to manage analysis and development prices while not compromising the standard of the solutions.

Benefits of our Software Development Services

Cost Efficiency - Our offshore software development offerings are designed to offer exertions value savings as much as 70% for various answers in comparison with in-residence improvement in american and ecu countries.

Solutions - With extra than eight years of pleasant revel in web based software program development industry, galaxyweb is succesful enough to install web application softwares program without any hindrances.

Trained IT Staff - GalaxyWebTechnology takes care of their staff by giving them the latest training/ information related to Technology, that makes them to work on any type of projects.

Development Risk Minimization - development processes and quality management system, thus minimizing the risk involved in project development.

Security Protocols- Secure development center with enough security protocols to make sure the protection of your property. Non speech act agreement with purchasers to make sure confidentiality of proprietary data.

Software/System Requirement Specification

We develop the software requirement specification (SRS) for the project which we are getting from the various clients. It lays out practical and non-functional requirements, and should include a set of use cases that describe user interactions that the software system should give.

Software/System Requirement Analysis and Design

In systems engineering and software engineering, needs analysis encompasses those tasks that come in decisive the requirements or conditions to satisfy for a replacement or altered product or project, taking account of the presumably conflicting needs of the assorted stakeholders, analysing, documenting.

Code Generation and Testing

Galaxy web's code programmers write code in keeping with the design specifications, adhering to coding standards. They utilize the most recent tools and technologies that are measure best suitable the software development and client accredited. The prototype design is sent for the Client approval, after which development process start. Because the code is generated, automated or guide checking out is finished alongside, to release bug free modules at pre-determined milestones.

Software Services

  • Inventory Management
  • Transportaion
  • GPS System
  • School ERP
  • School/Colleage Management System
  • US Staffing Jobs & Recruitment portal
  • Payroll or HRM System
  • MLM Management Systems
  • ERP / Software solution
  • Inventory
  • Hotel Management System

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