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PHP (original name as Personal Home Page, now stands for PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor) programming is used by web based dynamic web pages. PHP is a scripting language designed to fill the gap between SSI (server side includes) and dynamic web pages. It is an integrated yet formal way of designing webpages without interference from networks that don't count. Especially for server side scripting PHP programming is used. There is easy integration into different applications. Gone are the Java script or substitute languages. PHP is consistent with Ajax, Flash, databases like Mysql etc. PHP has the capability to code. That means it is security friendly and spam free. It is incapable of crashing. With MySQL PHP has the capability to develop a relational database management system. It also has a very practical set of features developed in close cooperation with our users.

Web applications is the easiest way to design home pages and webpages. The web developers can easily share and edit PHP scripting language and this is one of the major advantages of using PHP programming. It is user friendly. PHP application is supreme for web environments and handily inbuilt with HTML.

At GalaxywebTechnology we incorporate highly experienced team of PHP programmers. We have expertise in developing, designing, integrating and maintaining custom PHP applications.

PHP is a server-side HTML embedded script language. It provides web developers with a full suite of tools for building dynamic websites, native APIs to Apache and other web servers, easy access to MySQL, Sybase, Oracle and other databases, IMAP, LDAP, HTTP headers and cookies. This site is the official home of PHP. It is an open source programming language, runs on almost every server including windows, linux, solaris etc. We accumulate considerable solution experience ranging from simple websites to the most complex portals.

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