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Galaxywebtechnology, the worlds most trusted open source learning management system. With thousands of millions of users worldwide, more institution chooses us to support their education and training needs than any other objectives around the world. A Learning Management System is the backbone of most e learning programmers. An LMS authority has permission to access your courses, and keeps records of learner progress and test reports. Many LMS platforms involveassets booking, association and social networking functionality. LMS software will also integrate with other human resource systems within a business. Our team may provide their own LMS software, work as distributor or integrators of a range of LMS systems, or be efficient of building one of your demands. LMS software can be installed on premise or offered as could base services. A Learning Management System can be determined by considering the features into four groups; tools for distribution, tools for communication, tools for interaction and tools for course administration. The common features of any Learning Management Systems are listed below:

Content management: Course material like lecture notes soft copies may be combined as a part of the staff and uploaded in similar with classroom teaching.

Assessment and testing: All assignments shall be distributed and submitted online using LMS and quizzes/tests shall be instantly graded.

Curriculum Planning: LMS shall be used for designing of courseplan and lecture timetable.

Reports Generation: LMS provides nice reporting tools with options to customize student’s reports.

Communication and collaboration: some learning management systems provides chat, forums as communication tools and wiki, blog, glossary as collaborative tools.

Classroom and college declarations: All classroom and college news in form of updates are noticeable in declarations in LMS.

LMS software automates the administration department of any kind of any institution like registering students, tracking courses in a particular semester or branches, student’s record maintenance, charting progress of students, delivering e-learning to students. The best LMS makes working effortless and simple going for faculties, students and management.

Learning Management System works as lever for broader improvement of teaching and learning. Much like many business, the education department has gone through evolution due to technological transformation. While the orthodox classrooms learning system still works, the necessity of your students and faculty members are varying. LMS are developed to improve learner commitment and accomplish remote learning efforts. Universities, schools and other institutions can offer online or composite classes using a LMS.

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