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Galaxy web Technology also in developing social networking site uses the latest developments in applications. We expand with the communications revolution. We work expanding your bandwidth, increasing the apps and types of devices needed for companies to communicate. We build video platforms that come with complete audio. We've helped the world to interact with each other using Web 2.0 Social Media to meet friends, girls, women. singles. We help you to share files with Facebook, You Tube, Flicker, iFilm and, etc.

Social networking online in India makes sense. It helps bond families and friends or partners who use social networking sites(Facebook, Orkut ,H15, Flickrer).

Galaxy web Technology incorporates a large number of features and modules required for the most demanding online social networking communities. The flexibility allows you to customize your community or to adapt to growing changes in technology such as iphones, androids,apps and even TV.

Social Networking Site Features:
  • Multiple Admins: Different rights of different management departments for permission
  • Powerful search
  • Mailbox
  • Chat
  • Blogs: Share thoughts and opinions
  • Forum: Creatwe an unlimited number of discussion forums
  • Events: The Event Manager posts events
  • Classifieds
  • Groups: Create a large community
  • Gifts: Send real gifts
  • Photo Album: Unlimited photo album uploads
  • Payment getaways
  • Your pay
  • Communities: Builds communities using an invite-a-friend feature
  • Switch Mode: Shut down site for temporary maintenance
  • Multiple Themes: 30 themes for customized site appearance changes
  • Videos
  • Article: user added articles for view by others
  • Jobs
  • Networks
  • Testimonials
  • Tips
  • Shopping

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