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Article submissions has become the most popular way of promoting your website. With five years experience as an entrepreneurs, Galaxy web has perfected the one-on one approach to article submissions. Most article sites require us to create a unique account for you before submission. Galaxy web Technology creates unique usernames for you and id's that keep your material in the same portal or messenger board. All you need to do is register your account, with each site, verify the email, submit your site as a writer's website and finally access an email account we customized and created just for you.

Galaxy web Technology researches every subject before submitting any article to you. The content of each article is informative and as useful to your business as possible. Finally our talented team of writers follows keywords so every link to the article we create is relevant and can be footnoted or cited. The article also must pass muster by gaining rankings and drive considerable traffic to your website.

Our article writers are highly qualified researchers with academic backgrounds. Many are specialists and any type of e-commerce or e-business demand for article submissions can be accomplished in good time and low cost to you. We have international acclaim and can move articles through the internet to very specific websites with relevantly researched articles and uniquely significant links and book notes.

Drop your business requirements at We provide high quality work that complies with international standards. It's easy, fun and very affordable to outsource your project with us.